Closed Captioning

Innovate Care is pleased to provide closed captioning in multiple languages.  To use the closed captioning, please follow these instructions.

  • In your web browser, please go to
  • Click on the Login button located at the top right of the screen
  • When the login screen pops up enter in the username and password for the corresponding language of your choice:

     – English – username: InnovateCareENGLISH, password: 12345678

     – French  – username: InnovateCareFRENCH, password: 12345678

     – Spanish – username: InnovateCareSPANISH, password: 12345678

     – Chinese – username: InnovateCareCHINESE, password: 12345678

     – Hindi – username: InnovateCareHINDI, password: 12345678

  • Once you are logged in, the top left you will see YOUR PRIVATE ROOMS.  Click on the box that reads InnovateCare
  • You can now read the presentations in the language of your choosing as the presentations take place.

To also watch the presentations at the same time:

  • Shrink your browser showing Streamer to about half of your screen, 
  • If you using the Pheedloop application to watch the conference, open another web browser and log into the Pheedloop site with the username and password provided in your welcome email.  Once logged in, shrink this browser to take up the other half of the screen.
  • If you are using Zoom to watch the conference, you will need to open you will need to open another web browser and click on  On the page you will see the schedule of sessions as well as the Zoom link. Simply click on the link of the session you wish to watch.  When Zoom launches, shrink this browser to take up the other half of the screen.